Post-Schism Future

Chapter 1 Session 2: Ice Lightning!

Sorsa, Arist, and Fury wake to a silent ship. Arist is alone on a zero-G bunk in the living quarters of the ship, while Sorsa and Fury find themselves in a makeshift bunk room along with sleeping D’kil, Ziess, the Dug from earlier, and a new human. The Dug and the human are tied up and sedated. D-kil and Ziess have zero-G IVs attached to their arms.

Sorsa and Fury take no time at all in finding their equipment strapped to the wall and donning it. Arist does the same with her stuff before rooting through the personal belongings of some the ship’s unknown inhabitants. She finds a uniform with the name Captain Malaquias embroidered on the breast. She also finds a charm that is made from the foot of a lizard-like creature.

Leaving their rooms, the three find an empty, but running ship. Lots of clutter fills the rear storage area, the living area is stocked well with food and provisions. Eight EVA space suits are available along with a number of tools in the suit closet.

The computer in the cockpit shows that the ship is a Humpback Class 15 Light Freighter. It has been modified with Class 10 Sublight thrusters, outfitted with a Thunderhead Lance, and the IFF transponder has been illegally modified to allow disabling. Nearly all logs appear to have been erased, and the ship name can easily be edited (and it probably should, because the current name shouldn’t be spoken in mixed company). The one bit of data from the log lists Atria as the last planet that this ship has departed.


Walter calls over the unicom system “Are you guys awake yet?”. He floats back to the ship to explain how he managed to save everyone from those scavengers. After he got over the shock of running into the scavengers (and maybe after waking from fainting) he decided to fight back against them. He accessed a hidden panel to the cryosleep generators and tapped into what little power was left in the big Jjarro Ark. Wrapping himself in some cryoinsulation, he was able to short the cryognerator to the inner walls and floor of the ship. This caused the brilliant blue glow in all of the panels and the nearly instantaneous unconsciousness of everyone but Walter himself.

While everyone was frozen (and conveniently not needing air) Walter managed to get into one of the scavenger’s suits and tote everyone back to the scavenger’s ship. A good half of a cycle (about 14 hours) passed between the cryo-blast and now.

After a bit more talk, it is decided to go ahead and fill up the scavenger’s ship with anything of value on the Jjarro Ark that could found. This took about a cycle (28.3 hours) including rest.

Just before departing, the group decided to take care of several things.Firstly, the ship was renamed “Slipstream” with chassis number LF-1293-414. They also decided to interrogate the two living scavengers. The sedation needles were removed and Fury came into the room while Sorsa stood inside and watched.

Fury asks “how you doin” in a disorientingly cheerful voice, followed by a couple threats and a broken finger on the human prisoner. After causing great pain and asking no real questions, Fury is interrupted by Arist.

Arist instead asks the Dug about who is really in charge – "Captain Malaquias”, the human tied up, appears to lead these three (now two) independently of any organizations.

What system did they come from? Atria of course. Where else would they come from. It’s essentially the only real planet any normal beings live nowadays.

After a few other trivial tidbits, Atria orders Fury to kill the Dug. Dug blood saturated most of the make-shift bunk room. Malaquias immediately panics and starts fumbling with something in his mouth. Arist quickly grabs his jaw but finds nothing. After a simple threat Malaquias gestures lingually towards the modified tooth. Arist rips the tooth out and Malaquias is cotton balled, gagged, and sedated. It’s time to leave.

Having no one with any piloting skill conscious, Walter undocks the Humpback from the Ark, and they begin a course to Atria. Artificial gravity is engaged by extending the storage container and spinning the ship to great centrifugal force. The illegally modified civilian IFF transponder is left deactivated. Following the computer plotted course will take 8.6 cycles to reach Atria (about 10 days).

Note: Any personal items you acquired during this session should be listed as a player secret. If anything is different from how you remember, let me know and I will correct it.


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